Sunday, February 26, 2006

Theresa shakes a bottle of champagne and sprays it around the room


More pictures, mostly of steeking in progress, on the blog.


Blogger Zonda said...

Beautiful Theresa!!! Great job and congrats!

8:19 AM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Thank you!!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Ali said...


Unbelievable! Of course, coming from really isn't. Your talents are amazing :) Ali

9:10 AM  
Blogger enallagma9 said...

Gorgeous - congraultations!

9:47 AM  
Blogger zibibbo said...

WOOHOO! Gawgeeeous Dahlink!

1:15 PM  
Blogger TrixieG said...

Wow! That is such a lovely sweater. I'm in awe.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

/Theresa blushes...

Thank you all!

4:45 AM  

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