Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Still deciding

Yay! I'm all about this. I haven't decided what to try to finish in two weeks, though. Still mulling that over.

Maybe picovoli in knitpicks shine. Maybe.

It would be my first REAL article of knit clothing. So far just scarves and hats for me. I'm excited to get moving on something more involved than that.

Hopefully, I can finish my clap in time to start this (I'm almost done with section 3!), but if not, I'll put clappy aside and start up again after the Olympics.


Blogger littlegoat said...

I think I'm not going to enjoy knitting the Picovoli on a schedule like this. Contemplating doing this cute ribbon tank as my first shirt-type thing:

I finished the Clapotis last night, so, now I'm deciding between the above tank and Coronet. Both would be pretty challenging for me: the tank would be my first thing more complicated than a scarf or hat, and Coronet would be my first attempt at cables.

tick tock tick tock.

I better pick something soon. gah!

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