Friday, February 17, 2006

Qualifying round completed!

After a four-day lay-up for bronchitis, I was finally able to get back to knitting and finally finished the clapotis. I still need to wash and block before sharing pictures, but I'm pleased. (Pictures to come later.)

I immediately pressed on to the compulsory exercise. The hat is now 1/3 done. Barring further health set-backs, I'll likely finish it tomorrow. (Just in time, too! Texas is getting hit by a cold front!)

I'm impressed at all the folks who are done, espcially those super-humans who have knitted an entire sweater in a week! I feel like one of those Olympians that nows that they have no chance of winning but who are just thrilled to be in the same contest with the superstars. Y'all amaze me!


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