Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm so excited!

I only just decided that I want to do this (like, literally, the day after Yarn Harlot closed the KAL). But I already had a pattern in mind (see photo of Freddie from Rowan Junior to the left) and some yarn (ok, not what the pattern calls for, but details, details) from Herschners (Debbie Bliss wool cotton in navy blue with a cream/white snowflake). So, I figure I'm good to go, right?!

Herschners didn't have the teal color I wanted to use for the contrasting edge, so I think I'll be skipping that portion of the pattern. I'm probably going to do the snowflake pattern on front and back (because I think that looks nicer). I'm considering working it in the round to the point where the snowflake pattern starts (roughly around the armpits), which will be new for me. As much as anything, this is a challenge for me because I'm a slow knitter who doesn't have much time to knit. To whit, I was supposed to swatch last night and I didn't have a chance--I think as Torino's opening ceremonies start, I'll just be starting my training.

Regardless, I'm not concerned about how I'll do. How can I be? I've got Maude on my side!


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