Thursday, February 23, 2006

half-way done...

apologies for not posting more, I have extremely limited internet access (which sucks big time for blogging).

anywho, the project is legwarmers with sparkly mohair yarn. I think I started them about this time last year and frogged. then started towards the end of summer and frogged again. (post frogging #1 shown here. ribbing yarn shown here whole and during frog round #2

we're doing ok so far. I'm sort of making it up as I go along. legwarmer one is as complete as it's going to be for a while - I ran out of colored yarn and I'm not sure how much black there will be for the ribbing at the ankle. so it's on hold until I finish #2 and can divide up the yarn.

I started the ribbing on #2 last night. didn't get too far though. *sigh* that's ok though, cuz my weekend is less busy than last. I can make up the lost knitting time, right? (and it should also go quicker, since I realized #1 is too big. nothing a little elastic can't fix, I hope. if that fails, we'll frog and fix. after it's completed and I get my gold. ;) assuming I finish #2 and get the gold, that is.)


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