Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The decision has been made and I freakin' swatched cables!

So, I'm not going to do Picovoli, after all. I have chosen, instead, to complete three hats. These hats will be three Coronets!

There are a couple of reasons I'm making three: one would be too simple for a two-week challenge and I figured three was a good number because it's sort of like getting three runs in an event and choosing your best score, only I'll be choosing my best hat.

I swatched a bit for the headband part of Coronet and, man, cables are pretty. It looks like it would be so hard, but, alas, 'tis not! woohoo! I'm really excited about cables now and I can make them.

*happy dance*

Here are things that will be challenging for me about this pattern:
Provisional cast on. This thing is icky. I watched the knittinghelp video and it was no help. It gets all twisty. I think I'm going to go buy a crochet hook and learn to make a chain and do it that way. meh.

Kitchner. 'Nuff said. I have no idea how to do it (Oh, I've looked a bit, but I'm still nervous), but, by Olympics end, I'll be great at it.


Blogger Jessica said...

Fear not! I was afraid of provisional cast ons and kitchener stitching too, but once I sat down and tried them, I got the hang of them.
I think it would certainly be in the Olympic guidelines if you took a few "trial runs" on your cast on and k-stitch before Friday. After all, you have to train on your mount and dismount too. :)

11:28 AM  

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