Monday, February 27, 2006

Completed Clapotis and Then Some

I finished my Olympic Clapotis within a week. The Olympic challenge there was maintaining interest long enough to actually get it done! I posted pictures to my blog.

Because I loved the completed Clapotis and felt guilty about fussing that it was a boring pattern, I did more knitting--sort of to pay penance to Clapotis! I completed a Branching Out scarf last night--got it pinned to the blocking board. I also finished a Booga Bag. Photos of the finished BO and Booga are not yet posted, but I do have progress photos on the blog.

Can I have credit for doing 7/8s of a Gioia scarf before deciding I hated the yarn and wripped the whole thing out? I adore that pattern, but the yarn was driving me to drink. No photos exist, either progress photos or otherwise!


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