Monday, February 20, 2006

And for this, they invented rulers.

Color me the cross-country skier who finishes three days after the rest of the pack. 'Cause that's the way this sweater's coming down.

After spending Friday evening making spectacular progress (for me, anyways) on a sleeve, Saturday found Tubey hitting ye olde frog pond with a most spectacular splash (earning a 9.5 from the Slovak judge). Why? Because my befuddled brain lost the ability to make mathematical comparisons. Specifically those regarding measurement. Nothing that can't be easily fixed, mind (in fact, it already has), but it was time spent in repair that should have been spent otherwise.

It's little wonder I ended up in bed with a migraine all yesterday. So now I'm on injured reserve… again…

Though this Encore's making a lovely fabric, so I WILL finish. And maybe, when I have enough to make it worth taking a picture of, I'll include one!


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