Tuesday, January 31, 2006

help me with my gauge!

i promise a scan of magazine pattern pic and yarn soon, but i'm headed off to school. y'all can help me while i'm there. i just started swatching for my Olympic Knitting. Sweater #13 in Winter VK, twisted rib body with cabled yoke. Using Araucania NatureWool colour #46.

Pattern gauge: 19sts/20rows on 9(5.5mm) over 4 inches
Yarn gauge: 18sts/24 rows on 5-7 over 4 inches

so i picked out size 7 needles, cast on 19 sts, and did 20 rows of twisted rib. my swatch is 4 inches wide, but only three inches tall. so. i am not so worried about that, as ribbed section is by measured length, and not a specific number of rows.

Now i have to swatch for the cabling part, where obviously row gauge matters a bit more. Pattern says 24 sts/22 rows over 4 inches, using 6-st cable repeat. So....what size needle do i use? Stay with the 7? Attempt it with an 8? because cabling creates tighter fabric.... can i fudge stuff around (has raglan decreases, knit in four pieces) to make it work? I really want this to fit!! The cables start at 14 inches from bottom of front/back, about boobal area in the piccie, and you do 6 rows before binding off at underarm and beginning decreases.


EDIT: i will block after i do cable swatch as well. don't wanna waste too much yarn


Blogger kemtee said...

Helen, I'm sure you've already thought of this, but did you wash-n-block that swatch? Or wouldn't giving it a good block help this? (I'm experiencing brain-block right now, so forgive me if I'm spouting nonsense…)

9:00 AM  

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